Friday, May 26, 2006

A new paper on stakeholedr management

I am grateful to Keith Jackson for reminding me about the Brad Rawlins paper at The Institute for Public Relations web site.

This paper is a good round up of the current debate about Stakeholder management. It attempts to differentiate between Stakeholder theory and the PR theory.

The interesting part for me is his issue about how to identify stakeholders. This is what Jon White and I have been doing with The Clarity Concept for some time.

I have some issues with the suggestion that all stakeholders should be included in stakeholder mapping.

Our experience is that a typical board of directors will identify dozens of stakeholders which is well beyond the management capabilities of most organisation to manage.

It is only in prioritising the relative significance of stakeholders that resources can be reasonably be deployed.

I like the arguments about priorities. But that is for another post

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