Monday, May 29, 2006

For most people, their understanding of an organisation is heavily mediated by the impression they have taken from the Internet.

One way of identifying the information people seek about an organisation is to see what they search for online.

One might seek to identify the extent to which a public may seek information about a generic interest and a specific company. Using new tools like Google Trends access to such interest is now relatively easy.  For example:

astra zeneca    astrazeneca    pharmaceutical   

In this case there is a correlation showing that people associated the company with its industry sector (pharmaceuticals).

The extent to which the company is searched for by the public and mentioned in the press is less clear (and is a comparison of coverage for a relatively small media sample).

This means that in identifying stakeholders, establishing their relative significance, identifying the extent to which stakeholder issues are significant can be examined for to gain broad understanding at an early stage in analysis.

There is a further application that aids efforts in developing capability for valuing relationships which has commercial financial significance as well.

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