Monday, March 20, 2006

Understanding Organizational Stakeholders for Design Success

????????: Understanding Organizational Stakeholders for Design Success: "Stakeholder analysis serves a dual purpose. Information gleaned from stakeholder analysis is helpful in creating design solutions that are appropriate to the business context. This is important for making sure that user experience design moves in concert with the rest of the company. Secondly, stakeholder analysis helps gain greater acceptance of design solutions. This goal is fulfilled even when it is not possible to fulfill the first goal. For example, consider a redesign of an ecommerce site that has a risk of causing an immediate revenue reduction. Even if there is no way to eliminate the risk of revenue reduction, stakeholder analysis will help the user experience practitioner anticipate what the objections to this project could be and build a business case to show why the redesign is necessary for the long-term growth of revenue. Forewarned is forearmed.

Sometimes it is difficult to get meetings with influential stakeholders. In this case, the best substitute for a face-to-face meeting is to schedule interviews with a subordinate of the stakeholder. If your project is truly of interest to the stakeholder, the subordinate will be familiar with the stakeholder's position on the issue and will, in effect, be representing the stakeholder on that issue, much as a lawyer represents a client. Meeting with the subordinate will get you the information you need, and the stakeholder will feel that they have had input into your project.

High Influence, Low Interest: Stakeholders with high power, but low interest need to be broadly satisfied. They wonÂ’t pay attention to the fine print of your project, since they perceive the project as not affecting them. However, they have influence on whether the project will be a success: for example, they may have a vote during the approval process of a project. The goal of your interactions with this type of stakehol"


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