Monday, March 20, 2006

meetings industry soapbox: Happy Stakeholders, Aisle 7

meetings industry soapbox: Happy Stakeholders, Aisle 7: "Wal-Mart Stores has posted an unusual help-wanted position on its Web site. The retail giant is looking to fill the post of, 'senior director of stakeholder management.' It's no secret that the worlds largest company has been criticized by its employees, its customers, and its vendors for years as being too monolithic. This new position seems to be a step towards taking greater responsibility to see that those three elements interact with the Wal-Mart brand more harmoniously.

The stakeholder concept has been buzzing around the meetings industry for a number of years. When it works, a true paradigm shift takes place in how the hospitality industry and the meetings industry do business together. Every time suppliers deemphasize trying to maximize profits and planners likewise become less focused on minimizing costs, both become true stakeholders capable of providing those home run-type experiences that internalize the brands of the suppliers and the host organizations in the minds the attendee and management stakeholders."


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